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ENIG is a Swedish national energy efficiency network targeting SMEs which are active in the manufacturing sector. The main objective of ENIG is to create, collect and disseminate information to the Swedish manufacturing industry about technique, methods and practices concerning energy efficiency. ENIG offers support in many ways, covering the whole spectrum from a basic introduction in energy to more advanced information concerning energy efficiency and deeper knowledge about energy intensive industrial processes. This means that one can always use ENIG as a source of knowledge, guidance and support in order to reduce the energy use within the company.

Another strength within the network of ENIG is that we support a number of different industries, which makes it possible for cross-industry collaboration in areas of common interest for example  ventilation, compressed air and lighting.
The organisations behind ENIG is Swerea SWECAST and Swerea IVF. The Swedish Energy Agency is a key partner and one of the financiers..

The organisations working with ENIG are the renowned research institutes Swerea SWECAST and Swerea IVF, whilst the Swedish Energy Agency is a key partner and one of the financiers.



At the moment we can offer some useful information in english, please read more through the links below:

Energy information from ENIG

Introduction to energy; concepts, definitions, facts, terms, and other information.
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Energy Perfomance Indicators (EPI) -database

Would you like to compare your company's energy use to others or your company's improvements in energy efficiency?

Open ENIGs benchmarking tool "EPI-database"

What is the energy perfomance indicators?

Energy ratios is used to effectively be able to compare energy performance. For example, it is possible to compare annual energy use for the total number of production hours. The important is that the EPI is relevant to the business and possible to  follow-up, to be able to describe the work with energy efficiency effectively.

Examples of EPI:s

• MWh / turnover
• MWh / employee
• MWh / m² •
MWh / manufactured goods, be etc.
• CO2/MWh
• Annual number of MWh / annual number of production hours primary energy consumption / value added

Energy Management Light

Du you want to learn how to work with energy in a more structured way? Try our free service Energy Management Light.
Open ENIGs Energy Management Light (Currently only in swedish)

Within the framework of the Swedish national energy efficiency network ENIG, a simplified web-based Energy Management tool has been developed named Energy Management Light. The tool has been developed with consideration given to the requirements of SMEs in the manufacturing industry, something which has been thoroughly evaluated in conjunction with the input of the SMEs.

In the current situation, the tool is only available in Swedish. However, there are plans to make the tool available in multiple languages, through applied EU-projects.

Unique selling points:

  • Free registration and use
  • Room for self studies
  • Simplified and adapted for SMEs
  • No certification requirements
  • Tool available online


Partners and other initiatives: 


FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation

FFI is a partnership between the Swedish goverment and automotive industry for joint funding of research, innovation and development concentrating on Climate & Environment and Safety. The background to the investment is that development within road transportation and Swedish automotive industry has big impact for growth.

FFI will contribute to the following main goals: Reducing the environmental impact of transportation, Reducing the number of killed and injured in traffic and Strengthenning international competitiveness. 

FFI has r&D activities worth approx. Euro 100 million per year, of which half is governmental funding. Currently there are five collaboration programs: Vehicle Development, Transport Efficiency, Vehicle and Traffic Safety, Energy & Environment and Sustainable Production Technology 

Visit FFI:s web page for more information.


Alla FFI




ENVIROMAN is a project within the FFI-program for Sustainable Production Technology. Through the link below you can find information about energy and energy efficiency e.g. Energy Perfomance Indicators and Energy Management.

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